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EdwardLeescore:5.0 / 52019-03-03

Hotel in very good location, across the road from the sea, can shake gulangyu Island, Zhongshan Road as long as seven or eight minutes, hotel sanitation is also very good, breakfast variety are many tastes good, next time you come to Xiamen stay here.
Calvin_Liuscore:2.5 / 52019-02-27

Feel Hotel worth this price, room is small, hotel outside in made Metro so somewhat noisy, next is Zhongshan Road, holiday also is is convenient of! check out of when occurred has not happy, which a friends not carefully put bath robe lane dyeing has, hotel actually to laundry fee 100 block, at asked Hotel 100 has what voucher, hotel said laundry to they is this price, that good, that we said to receipt, hotel said to receipt words to, long, to catch aircraft, thisThings have ended inconclusively, it made us very uncomfortable! we should think clothes dirty money, but the price is too high, there's a money pit feeling!
japan2009score:3.8 / 52019-02-20

See zhiqian of evaluation selected has Thai Valley, but to has yihou somewhat disappointed, we set has city King room, said area has 30-40 square meters, past a see up 20, immediately requirements room, on said didn't room or upgrade, each late added 200! last barely live has 6 floor of most side side of a between, night sleep have inexplicable of creepy! outside to Metro fundamental can't sleep! second days decisive upgrade, upgrade has yihou room good more, but so-called of Seaview room is side of! toilet also didn't wall block,Is open to the public! such prices might as well go to the family Inn, more cost-effective! is gratifying is that the only breakfast can! wish repaired hotel will be better later!
spl642score:4.8 / 52019-02-17

Hotel location is very good, from the Chinese city, and very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, across the sea from gulangyu Island statue of Zheng Chenggong. convenience. warm wife birthday service the hotel specially sent birthday cake!
david6003score:5.0 / 52019-02-16

Very good hotel
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