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Tegoo Hotel Xiamen is located in the bustling commercial tourism center in xiamen lujiang road no. 2, xiamen east block, the first square opposite the former swire dock.   Tegoo Hotel Xiamen meaning peace, good harvest. Together in the design of the new classical elegance, luxury post-modern art style.Designed by famous artists in xiamen amorous feelings of the theme of the room to let a person shine at the moment, in the forest, desert, sea, space for inspiration

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  • e00044082
    The hotel is very good! remember when live room no window, a little boring! I got a room!
  • sd wei
    Sound doesn't work
  • e00102485
    Hotel is very new. style like. sunny. worth the price. to praise
  • japan2009
    See zhiqian of evaluation selected has Thai Valley, but to has yihou somewhat disappointed, we set has city King room, said area has 30-40 square meters, past a see up 20, immediately requirements room, on said didn't room or upgrade, each late added 200! last barely live has 6 floor of most side side of a between, night sleep have inexplicable of creepy! outside to Metro fundamental can't sleep! second days decisive upgrade, upgrade has yihou room good more, but so-called of Seaview room is side of! toilet also didn't wall block,Is open to the public! such prices might as well go to the family Inn, more cost-effective! is gratifying is that the only breakfast can! wish repaired hotel will be better later!
  • geoffrey_ge
    Can only say that I feel cheated feeling started to let people feel uncomfortable in the lobby of the hotel, no warm feeling, hate.
  • joecao
    Hotel a comfortable and travel back, friends say, to Amoy and want to stay in your House next time! environment, service also good! important is nice! great!
  • jenny19810430
    Xiamen Metro effects stay
  • longtara
    It's OK
  • evianyy
    Very helpful Hotel! good service great scenery and convenient transportation facilities the room from the street near
  • Candles
    Construction around the environment is too noisy, poor attitude at the front desk
  • alanmao1978
    And the picture is not a concept
  • E01929934
    Tourist ferries were no longer in that area, had not the advantage of location, and built around the subway, like a big construction site services worth the staff always deadpan. luxury boutique no window area is a little small, facilities barely worthy of more more than 500 Yuan a night price. evaluation of a word: cost.
  • dear 6
    Nice, nice
  • WY457494439
    Hotel was nice, breakfast very rich. to the pedestrian street, ocean view? designed room, very exotic Oh! the only problem is that subway construction, around the block, but no construction by night, very quiet.
  • dinglong1973
    Environment is also very good, but staying just around the hotel during construction, so it was a bit noisy noisy
  • etravel
    Not a good environment, Metro is the door! rooms also have free drinks!
  • maria_7959
    Service is very good, hotel was good, free upgrades at the front desk on the day, like, next to Xiamen stay here, will also refer-a-friend
  • JasonLau
    Very satisfied
  • lily751027
    Nice, the traffic is very convenient, full service facilities, the staff attitude is also very good, it is worth staying!
  • m00203926
    Hotel location is great, not far from the pedestrian street, good breakfast range, mother love, is happy with the room service is also very good, very patient helping to solve the problem!
  • e02761329
    That's good
  • weixiao0220
  • Isabel0520
    Hotel location excellent, service excellent, responsive. commented before because Hugh Metro noise, waiters attentive arrangements 18 storeys tall, very quiet ... only drawback is room wireless signal is not very good
  • jerry-luo
    Location is good, but in the Metro, it's gray. hotel to be clean, overall okay.
  • cytvivian
    To Xiamen to play live of most comfortable of a late has, outside bed and breakfasts most important of is bed clean comfortable, here is satisfaction, customer service personnel also fine of to what things soon on sent up has, breakfast type more but is taste are OK, drink has some hot milk also is satisfaction, may days run also is home rice do of best eat has's, door in repair Metro, does some noisy has, live in 15 floor is voice also is is big, wants to late up of small partners are to select high one points of floors's
  • aloof1971
    Hotel location is very good, in gulangyu Island across the sea, we live in a sea view room, facing the sea, soaking tub, enjoy
  • A tourist
    Very nice, clean and comfortable! love
  • ann_dyans0808
    Hotel vision is also WiFi Internet connection not good
  • auscart
    Bubble bath is very comfortable, my son want to soak up every day to play
  • milesyin
    Good location, Suite has two bathrooms, big one is open, small not shower
  • candyprincess
    Very clean, beds very comfortable
  • furnotel
    Good location, convenient, good room facilities, refrigerator, free drinks, nice one.
  • yanyan2324grace
    It wasn't too bad
  • oldway
    To live several times, and I feel really good!
  • xdllllllinjun
    State location, room, staff not fantastic either., however, I was guided by room guests have the wrong... can't believe such a rudimentary mistake.
  • marc0166
    Breakfast is poor or add their own money set.
  • dpp1314
    Good, bed was very comfortable
  • e03645192
    Very clean
  • cressCC
    Allegedly, that is expensive, for four stars, and more than 700,
  • gioiello
    And we think it's great
  • e01203040
    Suite not the bathtub drunk
  • candy Qianqian
    Price/performance is not high, near Zhongshan Road, convenient
  • luxiujian
    Good, worthy of star hotel, minibar is also free of charge.
  • diane0903
    Hotel room layout does not make much sense, toilet, bedroom. very nice hotel for me and my husband sending intimate birthday cards and birthday cake, thank you!
  • e02495550
    Hotel was very clean, and Zhongshan Road from the sea very convenient, staff warm, all the drinks in the fridge in the hotel is free of charge, great buffet breakfast was excellent, and there's ice cream, it's out of this world, next to Xiamen will select Thai Valley.
  • bobowang_2323
    Still good! great special praise! room was like
  • lipeiyou
    Travel and dining convenience, the rooms are nice and comfortable
  • mlptx
    Nice hotel, room to boast about, breakfast is not satisfied with the match, in the West, and too few vegetables
  • MaxLe
    Entrance road is a little pity, not very convenient
  • along99
    Very nice hotel, well, you just look at the pictures, like the big bathtub, bubble bath, haha, point our room was good, like-