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Tegoo Hotel Xiamen is located in the bustling commercial tourism center in xiamen lujiang road no. 2, xiamen east block, the first square opposite the former swire dock.   Tegoo Hotel Xiamen meaning peace, good harvest. Together in the design of the new classical elegance, luxury post-modern art style.Designed by famous artists in xiamen amorous feelings of the theme of the room to let a person shine at the moment, in the forest, desert, sea, space for inspiration

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  • geoffrey_ge
    Can only say that I feel cheated feeling started to let people feel uncomfortable in the lobby of the hotel, no warm feeling, hate.
  • joecao
    Hotel a comfortable and travel back, friends say, to Amoy and want to stay in your House next time! environment, service also good! important is nice! great!
  • jenny19810430
    Xiamen Metro effects stay
  • dear 6
    Nice, nice
  • maria_7959
    Service is very good, hotel was good, free upgrades at the front desk on the day, like, next to Xiamen stay here, will also refer-a-friend
  • JasonLau
    Very satisfied
  • lily751027
    Nice, the traffic is very convenient, full service facilities, the staff attitude is also very good, it is worth staying!
  • e02761329
    That's good
  • Isabel0520
    Hotel location excellent, service excellent, responsive. commented before because Hugh Metro noise, waiters attentive arrangements 18 storeys tall, very quiet ... only drawback is room wireless signal is not very good
  • jerry-luo
    Location is good, but in the Metro, it's gray. hotel to be clean, overall okay.
  • aloof1971
    Hotel location is very good, in gulangyu Island across the sea, we live in a sea view room, facing the sea, soaking tub, enjoy
  • auscart
    Bubble bath is very comfortable, my son want to soak up every day to play
  • candyprincess
    Very clean, beds very comfortable
  • furnotel
    Good location, convenient, good room facilities, refrigerator, free drinks, nice one.
  • yanyan2324grace
    It wasn't too bad
  • cressCC
    Allegedly, that is expensive, for four stars, and more than 700,
  • gioiello
    And we think it's great
  • candy Qianqian
    Price/performance is not high, near Zhongshan Road, convenient
  • diane0903
    Hotel room layout does not make much sense, toilet, bedroom. very nice hotel for me and my husband sending intimate birthday cards and birthday cake, thank you!
  • lipeiyou
    Travel and dining convenience, the rooms are nice and comfortable
  • mlptx
    Nice hotel, room to boast about, breakfast is not satisfied with the match, in the West, and too few vegetables
  • along99
    Very nice hotel, well, you just look at the pictures, like the big bathtub, bubble bath, haha, point our room was good, like-
  • juvyuan
    Decoration downstairs too loud,
  • e01954509
    To praise one of the hotel's services, whether it is room service at the front desk are in place, special thanks to the fat handsome door? (Forgive me call) to see our more initiative to help send luggage to your room. good location, Metro seriously affected closed, make-up mirror and clothes recommended bathroom installed, breakfast is rich. the title, is a highly recommended hotel?
  • cowboy0621
    Biju Yi location is a bit poor, but cost-effective, hotel good buffet
  • aiyfu
    Very nice hotel, the only flaw is downstairs in the road, but because the living floor high impact is not a particularly large
  • liuvivi
    Great great
  • imontanan
    Free upgrade of the room, which felt good. good location, is near from the Zhongshan Road, room offers several bottles of complimentary beverages, produced the breakfast is also good, but half-price charge 69, expensive. toilets without doors, were embarrassed by people, overall good
  • xjtxpc
    All right
  • tommydeng
    Metro construction is really noisy outside, the room was large, with 2 bathrooms, you can have your own private space, attached to the doors and Windows can be seen on the corner of gulangyu Island, free WiFi is fast, for breakfast, just the insurance companies here training, many people have no place, dishes not on the very slow, drinks a lot, in General.
  • dy042977
    Location good gulangyu opposite Zhongshan Road walking 10 minutes don't know why is the road is a bit noisy ... Others are OK
  • jane109cn
    In addition to construction a bit noisy outside, is quite good!
  • littlelittle1
    Nice but the service not so good
  • lwm2009
    The internal environment of the hotel did not say, the door at the Metro, effects a bit quiet, but the absolute level of service good, caring, warm, perfect.
  • dinalina
    Very, very happy with a very, very good hotel! From staying began, contact to of each a bit hotel employees service attitude are is good. Seaview big bed room has two species see seaview of room, a is 45 degrees with bathtub of, another a is 90 degrees no bathtub of, listening to has front desk manager of introduced eventually select has which, does see of Seaview will than General of room more out many, and room of door will more style some, is sides outside of. Hotel rooms are very large, A lot bigger than Sunworld, also a lot larger than the Millennium Hotel next door, more comfortable to live, and the bed was very soft and sleep soundly at night. Drinks the bar offers many free drink, compared to the InterContinental Hotel to be generous, it was great! Say again I observed Hotel humane place, Elevator equipped with soft couches and newspapers of the day, each room is equipped with practical items such as umbrellas, which detail very thoughtful of hotels.In addition, the 5-storey Terminal restaurant is really very, very high cost performance, unlimited supply of all food, drink fresh juice at will, value than Beijing Kerry Centre! still have to say a Word, to remember the little friend to dinner or lunch appointment well in advance, or will some more, especially on the weekends. Last bit of regret, hotels and rooms are in a building with soft carpets, but only bathroom, marble floors exposed in front of the guests, the resultsAnd my hand slipped and I phone kissed on the floor, then, no. even though I stay in each hotel room, no carpet, but could add a table cell phone ~ ~ ~ however, me and my girlfriend loved this hotel next time to go back to revisit old haunts!
  • tug88
    The hotel is very comfortable, very satisfied
  • becutegirl
    Good location, in gulangyu opposite bank, is subway traffic jam, breakfast variety is good, lot of kinds, but grades are not high at all ~ 26/f, Seaview a 45-degree angle, the other side is gulangyu, landscape can be. Rooms are large, sofa, Dresser, desk, a deluxe room. Mini bar with two bottles of mineral water at room temperature, two cold bottle of mineral water in the refrigerator, 1 Office of Coke, 1 sprite, 2 the Office beer Are free of charge. Dazan! While knowing that the drinks had melted in the room, but like ··· I think is a bit short, though I'm not high, like lying down. Elevator needs improvement, into the elevator in the hotel needed the room card certification. Room has no place for clothes, rain, or hand-washing after short sleeve no place to hang. The last pointIs that the price is too expensive. Reviews completed
  • cpywen
    I can only say that there is no next time, facilities of the hotel, the service is not in place, bathroom sewer full you cannot bathe
  • pufflin_ee
    Very nice hotel, and will come again, good service attitude
  • musensen
    Very satisfied
  • asnowdoll
    General high performance-price ratio
  • gracetaos
    Which is very nice
  • jinjinamber
    Construction around, too noisy
  • Leon006f
    Around the construction, it is very inconvenient, and nothing else to be desired
  • e03763719
    Very good
  • randle849
    Hotels, all very good, next time will stay
  • renxiaobo1991
    The price is right, security guard
  • springcomes616
    To Xiamen for the first time, the whole environment is very good! but poor starting Seaview Hotel, what you don't see, downstairs to subway, noisy noisy noisy! customer service, phone is bad, the next day for a high floor and landscape improvements, but there is no cold water, is very angry, can't take a shower is to suffer this day! but breakfast was good!
  • xifajin
    Close to the pedestrian street, hotel near nice
  • albatross
    Kids tours, the hotel is relatively new, decoration, service credit, are eager to free upgrade to sea view room, though not directly in the sea. rooms are clean and bright, television sets, alone at the edge of the sofa ~ ~ buffet breakfast enriched! overall was a good experience, would still choose Thai Valley next back to Xiamen.