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Tegoo Hotel Xiamen is located in No. 2 Lujiang Road, the bustling commercial tourist center of Siming District, east of the first square, adjacent to the prosperous business district of Zhongshan Road, and across the sea from Gulangyu Island. The hotel is conveniently located at the entrance and exit of Lujiang Road and Chenggong Avenue. It is about 200 minutes' walk from Zhenhai Road, the subway starting station, and about 3 minutes away. It is within 25 minutes; it is within 25 minutes to drive from Zengyuan and Pearl Bay. There are many bus lines and subways. The hotel has a superior location and convenient transportation.

This is a business hotel built with unique style, leisure vacation and business characteristics as the standard. It has a variety of warm and comfortable rooms with different styles for you to choose from. The hotel has a total of 322 rooms. The design combines elegant and luxurious Neo-classical post-modern art style. It is worth mentioning that the hotel is a series of boutique rooms with forest, ocean, desert, and universe themes designed by well-known artists in Xiamen. Each one is an art boutique hotel created by hand-painted oil paintings, enriching the artist. Ingenious mural design, and at the same time, there is a 'Taikoo Pier' restaurant and 'Guba' on the fifth floor, allowing people to deeply enjoy the essence of southern Fujian culture while enjoying food, which is the best choice for your leisure vacation.

At the same time, the hotel also has a gym, conference hall, business center, etc. It adopts flexible space design. No matter the size of the meeting, it can meet the needs of different customers, which is ideal for your business trip.
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  • EdwardLee
    Hotel in very good location, across the road from the sea, can shake gulangyu Island, Zhongshan Road as long as seven or eight minutes, hotel sanitation is also very good, breakfast variety are many tastes good, next time you come to Xiamen stay here.
  • Calvin_Liu
    Feel Hotel worth this price, room is small, hotel outside in made Metro so somewhat noisy, next is Zhongshan Road, holiday also is is convenient of! check out of when occurred has not happy, which a friends not carefully put bath robe lane dyeing has, hotel actually to laundry fee 100 block, at asked Hotel 100 has what voucher, hotel said laundry to they is this price, that good, that we said to receipt, hotel said to receipt words to, long, to catch aircraft, thisThings have ended inconclusively, it made us very uncomfortable! we should think clothes dirty money, but the price is too high, there's a money pit feeling!
  • japan2009
    See zhiqian of evaluation selected has Thai Valley, but to has yihou somewhat disappointed, we set has city King room, said area has 30-40 square meters, past a see up 20, immediately requirements room, on said didn't room or upgrade, each late added 200! last barely live has 6 floor of most side side of a between, night sleep have inexplicable of creepy! outside to Metro fundamental can't sleep! second days decisive upgrade, upgrade has yihou room good more, but so-called of Seaview room is side of! toilet also didn't wall block,Is open to the public! such prices might as well go to the family Inn, more cost-effective! is gratifying is that the only breakfast can! wish repaired hotel will be better later!
  • spl642
    Hotel location is very good, from the Chinese city, and very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, across the sea from gulangyu Island statue of Zheng Chenggong. convenience. warm wife birthday service the hotel specially sent birthday cake!
  • david6003
    Very good hotel
  • tommydeng
    Metro construction is really noisy outside, the room was large, with 2 bathrooms, you can have your own private space, attached to the doors and Windows can be seen on the corner of gulangyu Island, free WiFi is fast, for breakfast, just the insurance companies here training, many people have no place, dishes not on the very slow, drinks a lot, in General.
  • e00655222
    Very good hotel, to shop due to booking standard rooms are full. the hotel also gave me free upgrade to Deluxe Suite! have some of that
  • m00203926
    Hotel location is great, not far from the pedestrian street, good breakfast range, mother love, is happy with the room service is also very good, very patient helping to solve the problem!
  • belinda_angel
    Nice hotel, service, everything is OK
  • xrfang
    Do not think that luxury hotels are five-star hotels, and next to a gap compared to the Swiss International Hotels
  • e01965103
  • baby520girl
    Worried Metro construction noisy, ahead of phone to hotel let arrangements to high floors, registration Shi directly arrangements to 25 floor, actually live in Hou feel is quiet, downstairs Metro construction no what effect, seems has to behind of building next has. Super big of breakfast, are forget photo has, noon are no wants to eat things. hotel location also convenient, to Zhongshan Road walk 10 minutes on line. satisfaction!
  • gby7632
    Little expensive, overall good
  • e00704469
    Buy good hotel more features, higher cost.
  • lijieno1
    Hotel's services
  • lorsing
    Hangzhou Hotel business of Samsung, but the breakfast was very good, location is near the Zhongshan Road
  • Isabel0520
    Hotel location excellent, service excellent, responsive. commented before because Hugh Metro noise, waiters attentive arrangements 18 storeys tall, very quiet ... only drawback is room wireless signal is not very good
  • cici12252067
    That's good
  • legend147741
    Which is very nice
  • longtara
    It's OK
  • e00520680
    Location good gulangyu opposite Zhongshan Road walking 10 minutes don't know why is the road is a bit noisy ... Others are OK
  • D03718576
    Hotel, near the Metro, very good!
  • maria_7959
    Service is very good, hotel was good, free upgrades at the front desk on the day, like, next to Xiamen stay here, will also refer-a-friend
  • jsntgl
    Lobby art novel, the Visual Feast, near little street
  • tuan88
    Nice hotel
  • peterbear788
    Satisfied although construction downstairs a little impact but baby sleeps quite sink also come out to play do not tangle too much no matter what part of the journey was great breakfast very well for two days without egg cooked specially for baby a thank you'll choose
  • geoffrey_ge
    Can only say that I feel cheated feeling started to let people feel uncomfortable in the lobby of the hotel, no warm feeling, hate.
  • ly463607419
    We booked a sea view rooms, big Windows let the gulangyu island came into view, the water rippling. room is great
  • jessy-liu
    Nice stay
  • dtgjy
    I live in a city view room, open landscape , room is big and clean, beds very comfortable, have a nice sleep, bathroom good location has no effect with the light sleeping next to Xiamen will choose here.
  • e00253720
    Environment and service are very good.
  • leonnearyou
    Environment is very good, the service was excellent, next time you will choose
  • alanlin0125
    Hotel services are good, is the hotel entrance at the Metro, there will be construction noise! but I really want to thank the room attendant speaks, I got none that have children, but the cleaning staff found that prepared slippers for kids, is still very cozy! if there's a chance it will come!
  • jinyin691
    Well, is near the Metro under construction a bit noisy
  • Discovery3
    Nice bathroom great! location is also very convenient
  • wnelson
    Only downside is subway construction around the hotel at night
  • david_ding
    Pretty good
  • lesta
    It's not bad
  • fjm75
  • aileen_dan
    Buy prices are really good, environment on the edge of the road is a bit noisy, but breakfast very good, room size is moderate, overall was good.
  • lxtaa
    Opposite the gulangyu Island, five minutes walk from Zhongshan Road, subway is the door a little traffic jam
  • naitel
    City-view room 1206, overall Super satisfied, nit only check out cannot be delayed until 14 points.
  • sculptimes
    Which is very nice
  • MrBeer
    The hotel is very clean, and not too hard to find the door in the construction for the first time, the door is very noisy with construction machines and car horns want to sleep well, do not choose, usually without enthusiasm, facilities are generally one cold and one hot water temperature in the shower can not wash attention to figure it out.
  • lipeiyou
    Travel and dining convenience, the rooms are nice and comfortable
  • cocomail
    Room was small, bathtubs are not, price is not high
  • Gaoyx
    That's good
  • wy3232001
    Big bad sound effects heard at midnight grunt
  • daodaow
    Room was very big, but subway downstairs, very noisy during the construction period. check in at the front desk very slow
  • min_2280
    Nice hotel good facilities, road repair, a bit noisy