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Tegoo Hotel Xiamen is located in the bustling commercial tourism center in xiamen lujiang road no. 2, xiamen east block, the first square opposite the former swire dock.   Tegoo Hotel Xiamen meaning peace, good harvest. Together in the design of the new classical elegance, luxury post-modern art style.Designed by famous artists in xiamen amorous feelings of the theme of the room to let a person shine at the moment, in the forest, desert, sea, space for inspiration

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  • jinjinamber
    Construction around, too noisy
  • Leon006f
    Around the construction, it is very inconvenient, and nothing else to be desired
  • e03763719
    Very good
  • randle849
    Hotels, all very good, next time will stay
  • renxiaobo1991
    The price is right, security guard
  • springcomes616
    To Xiamen for the first time, the whole environment is very good! but poor starting Seaview Hotel, what you don't see, downstairs to subway, noisy noisy noisy! customer service, phone is bad, the next day for a high floor and landscape improvements, but there is no cold water, is very angry, can't take a shower is to suffer this day! but breakfast was good!
  • xifajin
    Close to the pedestrian street, hotel near nice
  • pengcongpc2006
    Hotel in subway! dirty!!!
  • annieprincess
    Overall it is good, is next to the road, big night hammering
  • e01756089
    Car traffic also is convenient, left gulangyu Terminal more far, away from Zhongshan Road is near of. Hotel parent-child room to has upgrade, thanks, room general good, to people feel big, clean, to said of is bathroom is big, bathroom too door also towards in open easy met, leading bad handle also broken of, with hotel reaction second days also didn't repair. breakfast is rich of, insufficient of side Shang construction too noisy, fortunately on live two late, basic satisfaction, morning also can Beach go go, is sea garbage too more, bigReflecting the Xiamen sea beautiful clean
  • g1220813603
    Very good
  • aimmd
    What good is the price your 708 housing prices, room very small, set looking out of the window of the room not sea, road and rest at night was very noisy outside. Hotels call to make an appointment the next day morning tour around the island, and the next day said that no car, an attitude, a liar
  • lxsc56
    Environment is very good, Zhong Shan Road, close to the ferry terminal and very close.
  • D00881306
    Sea view rooms, 45 degree sea views, very convenient
  • cc870313
    To be honest, and overall not proportional to the price, hotel Metro, very noisy! service
    Overall pretty good, construction around is a bit noisy
  • gxg8816
    Traveling with my mom, hope that the elderly can comfortably during a trip, very satisfied with the hotel, the Deluxe set, to shop front desk offered to upgrade to Deluxe sea view suite, serendipity, just outside the subway, sleeping too much noise at night, but wanted to be, and can only be abandoned,
  • allan_tao
    Hotel is close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, convenient, is the hotel entrance at the Metro, it is recommended that the floors a little Oh
  • amini20021208
    Very nice ... clean.
  • avy1201
    Door at the Metro, some argue, others are quite nice. Big room, free beverages also showed the hotel's care. Breakfast people, not particularly rich. Travel by taxi is convenient, to walk south siming road, Zhongshan Road on the line. Afternoon tea offers the best and see under the sea leisure, really good Ah ~
  • xiayiyue
    Better to say
  • e00186586
    Nice hotels, will stay again next time.
  • lina0604
    This hotel traffic is convenience, this is he of advantages. but next in repair Metro is noisy, not recommends live this. price than inside of yijiaqian new five-star of are your. price General. also has eat seafood do don't to a 141 of, playing of master pulled past can took 300 of rebate. must to small glasses seafood big row document has three home shop, mass reviews online has
  • e04930430
    Hotel is located near the Zhongshan Road, but recently the road, so earlier there is no way to go. environment more generally, the room is relatively small, booked a city view room, to tell the truth, this scene really would rather not see, just a rambling roof services and sanitation is good
  • jimly1978
    Food is really good love
  • evone
    About 10 minutes away from the Zhongshan Road, but go to subway over there, a bit noisy, and the resulting traffic is not too good. room can still see part of the sea.-floor Café environment elegant, landscape invincible!
  • mfmrty
    Hotel to ferry terminal and walk only one station road, is most people live near the ferry to gulangyu Island, but day visitors longer ferry boarding gulangyu, personally I feel that if you pay attention to hotel value for money don't have to live near the ferry, because it is near a hotel near ferries so prices are generally high, huandao road has many great luxury hotels
  • e00420935
    Rooms are large, painted Lady also we upgraded our room at the front desk, facilities were very new, convenient, very close to the pedestrian streets ... next time.
  • csweet
    Is in online see of cheap only set of this hotel, set of is luxury sea? suite, staying Hou only oblique with to see little sea, hotel main entrance in road, noisy dead has, room inside even computer table are no, network entrance away from put l computer of place has two or three meters far, two a room on a phone, room also not cheap, we this wants to more live days, this environment also not said has, second days decisive back has moved next to has.
  • curtisnorwood
    So, the room is too small
  • leonid85
    Hotel health can, quite satisfied with services that the environment is not so good, side roads, at night was very noisy
  • anne2069
    The room really clean multiple free drinks in the fridge was roadside at the Metro, at 11 o'clock at night, or in the construction, hopes can be placed in the room racks, easy holiday friends
  • baole
    Around under construction, external environment generally, luggage for hotel services help take half, others are pretty cool!
  • willy_sun
    As before consider the Metro would be too noisy, gave us the OK hotel is 23, not noisy. sea view room is 45 degrees to see the sea, well, television sets in the rooms, there is a sense. health is very good, very satisfactory stay.
  • jindan8318
    Not good,
  • bluecoco
    A little expensive, price is not high.
  • a215924081
    Really good environment, very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, 10 minutes walk to the ... well, the room you can see the ocean.
  • DearAlicia
    Good location, convenient shopping, hotel excellent service attitude
  • lingrpt
    Room was good, quite pleased with, is admitted to daily cleaning not in place after staying a day poured out coffee, juice bar, have not erased until we finally leave the leave, there are clear signs, it is easy to see, the other I do not want to look at, we stayed 4 night ...
  • xuejiang
    This is take the children to the maternal and child health checks, back door is the mother and child is very convenient, hotel service was very good, facilities are good, is next to engineering, Super loud, noisy until 11 or 12 o'clock, five or six in the morning and then start, and noisy.
  • jeffreyljf
    And mother with to Xiamen travel, select has Thai Valley hotel, decoration has features, location good, distance Zhongshan Road is near, traffic convenient, regardless of to University PuTuo also is Island Road had ancuo are has direct, just due to built Metro, traffic somewhat squeeze, because select of no window room, does no by built Metro of noise effect. breakfast type is more, taste can. price high, next to also will select.
  • cylll000
    All right
  • Lilliananson
    Good, very good
  • fjm75
  • daniel_pun
    Transport is not convenient! gate roads! taxi no one! no pick! services are not in place!
  • jadces
    Hotel entrance road, very noisy until late at night stopped at 12 o'clock, at 6 in the morning began, the noise continued, booked a Deluxe sea view room, the result can only see a little bit, this room is not consistent with price
  • lilac_perfect
    Probably because subway is too noisy, active upgrade suite hotel, very good facilities, very clean, the sea depends on which room, our two Windows, overall very satisfied! Only regret is that it's too loud too loud, we have 20, really bad break.
  • lsmxy
    Catch up with the Xiamen Metro, stopped after 11 o'clock machinery, at 6 in the morning before the start! spent the first night, communicated successfully changed the room the next day, sounds a lot smaller, hotel service is good, the traffic is convenient, opposite the gulangyu Island, breakfast was excellent! Metro built the more convenient!
  • ansonwu1380
    Also, breakfast was poor.
  • dionne
    Hotel of staff attitude is kind, at to staying, hotel outside is Metro construction, said night at 11 o'clock end, but also is help we arrangements has by Hou is of room, sleep not by effect. staying immediately sent has two Zhang afternoon tea coupons, and dad mother husband with to 27 roof floor enjoy has super rich of British type afternoon tea, environment also must praise a! self breakfast is rich, daily are eat enough, mission has hotel of self dinner, Dad MOM